Monday, February 04, 2019

To Supplement, Or Not To Supplement?

This article is an opinion on why supplements might not be good for you. A lot of people think they aren't needed and here is their reasoning. What say you all? Let us know in the comments.

In history books, nutritional deficiencies have sometimes been found during the wake of wars, droughts, and also the wide-spread famine that results. In the current day, most folks have the time and also the resources to want a balanced, nutrient-rich diet so why has it become commonplace to want additional help in the form of capsules and protein powders?

Given that human health relies on nature and nature is there to serve, the supplement market may well be fairly characterized as a racket. The idea is not to create food last longer or essentially make everyone any healthier. Nutritional supplements are usually on the market for no reason than profit.

Since most people are too busy or unable to manage their specific nutritional demands, dieticians and business brains have quietly assimilated to cause some misdirection and, at the same time, make some money.

Let's be realistic, all supplements claim to be are artificial imitations of the genuine article. In some cases, they contain only small preserved parts of fruits/plants.  Living food contains an abundance of each nutrient we need to stay healthy in optimum health, therefore why not simply opt for the genuine article?

The marketplace for both artificial and natural food supplements is valued in the billions and it doesn't stop at vitamin and mineral supplements, either. Most protein shakes usually contain hardly any ingredients found in nature. In fact, to drive sales, some have started bragging regarding their scientific concoctions and laboratory-developed ingredients.

Sadly, a number of us are too confused over what's real and what isn't, promoting a product using this specific method really works as a selling point. But once we adopt ancient process practices, like maturation and dehydrating, food becomes medicine for people, and natural food, as well as organic(free-range) meat, is that the best human supplement.


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