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What Is the Best Time to Work Out—Morning or Evening?

What Is the Best Time to Work Out—Morning or Evening?

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Some people like to lift their dumbbells in the morning while others like to do that in the evenings. It is a matter of preference. Everyone has a different peak time for exercising.

In this chapter, you will find out where there is nothing wrong with either of them. You may exercise at any time you wish, but you will have to approach your workouts in a slightly different manner. You can adjust your exercise schedules to your body’s natural clocks.

Find out here whether it will be more suitable for you to exercise in the morning or the evening.

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Have you been wondering when the best time to work out is? Is the morning or evening the best time to burn fat, lose weight and look great?

Waking and Sleeping Cycles

We all have a wake/sleep cycle and most of us know whether our energy levels are highest in the mornings or evenings. If you have experienced jet lag after traveling through different time zones then you know how it feels to challenge those inner cycles. They are under the control of our internal body rhythms also known as circadian rhythms. While we can modify those cycles (think of those people who work night shifts), do we need to change them to lose weight and exercise for maximum results from our workouts?

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Chances are you have chosen your work out time to coincide with those times you are feeling you're most energetic. It’s not so easy for many of us to come home tired after a long day at work, spend time with the family, prepare food then plan to go do a workout. For others, the thought of getting out of bed earlier in the morning to work out is just as unappealing. So, can we focus our work out times around our circadian rhythms and still have great success?

Morning Coffee or Afternoon Tea

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Research is divided on which is better, morning or afternoon exercise.

Research from the USA has indicated that our body’s inner temperature is highest around late afternoon and this is the best time to exercise. However, research has also shown that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to remain consistent with their routine, probably because exercising before the day gets busy is a good way of ensuring the daily exercise is actually fitted into a busy schedule.

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Other research, suggests that if you exercise in the morning your metabolic rate increases throughout the day and your brain function improves. It is suggested that because we have been fasting overnight, our bodies need to convert fat to energy when we exercise. This increases our metabolic rate and therefore improves our ability throughout the day to burn extra calories after eating instead of storing them. Interestingly, research is also suggesting that contrary to what has been generally accepted, exercising vigorously before sleeping at night does not seem to affect our ability to fall asleep.

So When Should I Work Out?

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Work out when it suits your schedule. You are more likely to stick to your workout program if it fits into your daily program. You will lose weight and burn fat if you prioritize your exercise time and remain consistent with it. Focus on using the best techniques to produce results rather than the timing of it. Armed with knowledge about best workouts, you will gain your desired outcomes if you stick to them and finding times that suit your schedules will help you do this.


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