Thursday, June 06, 2019

Finding Time to Work Out

The truth of the matter—and you will probably identify with it—is that we all know the importance of exercise. We know only too well how important workouts are to maintain the proper health and fitness of our body. We have heard it, read it, and even accepted it, that we need to work out and exercise if we want to live longer and have a quality life as well. These are all things that we have accepted.

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But the problem with most of us is… where is the time to exercise?

If you are like most people, then you are probably in a job that pays you well, but it also makes you work for long hours. Most of the time, you have to carry your work home with you. There is nothing such as a separate home life for you; your home is just another extended workplace.

When the situation is like that for most of us, it is quite understandable that we do not find time to work out.

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And, on the days that we do have time to work out, we are too tired to go out and do the hard work. We are just too bogged down to exercise, and we feel down and out already. How many mornings have we begun lately feeling fatigued? Too many to be good for health, but then we do not have the time or inclination for exercise too.

This is putting us in grave peril. We are walking on the wild side, knowingly that too. We know that we must work out and keep our stamina intact if nothing else, but even then we do not manage to do what we should. Something that we must give utmost priority too is being swept under the carpet by us.

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Let us see why people find it difficult to work out, despite knowing the importance of it. We shall find out also about how we can manage our time in such a way that we always have enough time on our hands to perform those all-important exercises. 

Life just seems to get busier and busier and though we have great intentions to work out, are you like me at times find yourself going to bed at the end of yet another day and feeling a sense of guilt that the workout you have been promising yourself all week still hasn’t happened?

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If you are like many people, then it happens more times than you probably want to think about. Workouts and taking time for ourselves often come at the end of a very long list of priorities. It is not that we do not want to do them; it is just trying to fit them in. So what can we do to ensure that we are able to complete everything on that list including a workout?

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1. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and take time out to work out. This is often the greatest hurdle to overcome. It gets much easier after this.

2. Buy a schedule planner and map out your day. Choose one with a week to a page view so you can easily see any gaps of time in your week. Remember to include everything, including your commitments and responsibilities at home, your lunch breaks and meal times at home and your free time.

3. Schedule in time for exercise if you have any obvious free time. Remember to think of a time before and after work and even during the day at work. Lunchtimes can be excellent opportunities to work out.

4. Do not underestimate mini workouts. Even ten minutes can be used to effectively work out. Finding time to work out is made easier if you think in terms of 10 minute periods rather than looking for long periods of time to schedule. Weekends may provide longer sessions but still program them as multiple 10 minute sessions.

5. The good news is that workouts do not need to mean expensive gyms. There are many workout ideas that can fit your home or office routine and do not require attending a gym or other sporting venue.

6. Create fun workout routines that include your children or family members. If your young children are in a childcare facility during the day, a brisk walk with them in a pusher will provide an excellent interval training cardio and resistance workout.

7. Buy some portable equipment like resistance bands and hand weights to keep in your desk at work or in the kitchen and use them when you have a few spare minutes waiting for a meeting to begin or food to cook on the stove.

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The key to finding time to work out in the midst of a busy schedule is to actually begin to do it. Often the hardest part of finding time to work out is prioritizing it and then actually doing the exercise the first couple of times. However, it is worth remembering that a good or bad habit takes about 3 weeks to develop so if you start your workouts today, they may be a little difficult to fit into your immediate schedule, but they will eventually become second nature.


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