Monday, February 24, 2020

Aaptiv Review 2020: Is It Worth It?

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I used to detest exercise classes. They appeared to consistently be filled with individuals who had been messaged the moves to remember three weeks earlier and had then held back to select until they previously had well-defined abs.

Be that as it may, I needed to figure out how to do each activity — yoga, turning, and so on — so even with those hangups, I'd proceed to pay the extravagant charges, and afterward feel accordingly dreary and unconvinced. I wasn't driven by rivalry with the others there, and I didn't feel driven by the military-grade consideration given to me by the educator as the "new kid in the class." 

All things considered, amazing for others, not for me.

As I said, though, I wanted to learn how to exercise in a way that wasn’t strictly a survival skill. Running had gotten a bit tedious, and I needed to build up some new abilities. At times, you truly need face to face guidance to ensure you're doing it right (in which case, what's up ClassPass), however the greater part of the exercises I needed to investigate didn't really require that.

Fortunately for me, a companion of mine prescribed downloading Aaptiv, or if nothing else attempting a 30-day trial "just to see for [myself]." Apparently, it had transformed her into a normal runner (and, similar to her companion, I can let you know throughout the previous 20 years she has not been a self-portrayed "runner").

 Also, I'm happy I listened to her. 


Aaptiv is the top audio fitness application on iTunes, and it's unbelievably helpful. You get boundless access to audio-based fitness classes done by certified personal trainers (that have quite extraordinary playlists). There are in excess of 2,500 different exercises, and they come in classifications like running, curved, race prep, paddling, strength-based training, yoga, and the sky is the limit from there. There are 30 new classes included every week, so you can normally invigorate your daily practice. 

In any event for a semi-thoughtful person like me, it's been a gift from heaven. 

I always wanted to become more purposeful with how I worked out, but up until now I (like many people, I’d wager) was content to just zone in on areas, or focus on running as a kind of “all-over” workout that required little diagnosing. I didn’t want to spare the money to keep going to classes I didn’t enjoy enough or hire a personal trainer. And in terms of devoting the time to researching a plan for myself, it can be time consuming and irritating judging which information online — especially in “fitness communities” — comes from the research you can fact check.

Having certified personal trainers design workout classes I a) don’t have to create myself, b) go to in person, and c) get yelled at directly by them in a mirrored-room fogged with the sweat of tens of other people is kind of the greatest thing to ever happen to my heretofore stale workout routine.

Plus, when I use a class on Aaptiv, I typically stick around for the whole thing, just like I would if I went to a SoulCycle class in person. When I go on my own, I typically leave when I “feel done”. This way, I’ve actually been working out less but feeling better about it, because I’m working out in a smarter way.

Instead of swinging in the dark in what feels like the right direction, I feel clearer and more confident about what I'm doing.

Having a plan I trust without having to do the legwork takes the pressure off of my workouts, and that means that I go to the gym more often. It’s easier to drop in, sweat it out, and then head home. It’s cathartic, and it’s working well.

And in terms of expense, it’s only $15 a month for unlimited access. I wish I could employ the equivalent of “rent control” on an app. ClassPass is still a great option if you want in-person instruction, are motivated by classmates or want to experience a wide variety of classes in your city for a low admission cost — but, for example in New York, it’s $79 a month for four to six classes.

In a world where boutique classes can go for $30 a session, Aaptiv is a great deal.

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If you're looking for an inexpensive — and totally intimidation-free — way to get into better, smarter fitness (or just stick to your New Year’s resolution to work out more), I highly recommend downloading Aaptiv. I've always loved spending time in the gym, but it’s never felt more productive than now.


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