Thursday, February 18, 2021

Beware of the Next Trend 

There are many factors — food hyper-palatability, high-stress lifestyles, and confusing misinformation — are all near the top of the list. But on a purely social level, the desire to chase the next trend is a big part of the problem.

In diet and exercise, consistent movement and healthy eating keeps the doctors (and obesity) away.

In social media, doing something new, cool, and different keeps FOMO at bay. 

It’s the battle of FOMO (exciting) vs. repeated daily behaviors (boring).

In reality, it should be the battle of frustration (look, a new trend!) vs. confidence and results (I know what to do!)

The choice should be easy. But, the power of “what if” plays tricks on your mind. 

“What if…This next trend is better?” 

“What if it’s more effective?” 

“What if I’ll be healthier?”

Your heart dreams of something better, but your mind ignores reality. 

You don’t change jobs every day. You don’t move to a new home every week. You don’t substitute friends and family like socks and underwear. 

Consistency and stability are a big part of what leads to more happiness and less stress. Reliable anchors make it easier to thrive in chaos.

It’s time to start asking: “What if all these distractions are the real reason I’m stuck and headed in the wrong direction?”

If you were forced to stick with one plan for a year, you’d see better results, stress less, and save a hell of a lot of time that’s typically wasted window shopping on your health. 

We think doing something new is the missing part of the equation. 

In reality, doing the same few healthy behaviors — and making progress over time — is what adds up to better results. 

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