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Why You Should Love Raisins? 6 Wonderful Benefits of Eating Raisins!

Raisins shouldn’t be judged by their shrivelled, old, and dry appearance. These dried fruits with a golden colour (they also appear in black-like and green shades) and the common name ‘Kishmish’ are nutrient-dense powerhouses. They are an abundant source of fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, and other vital nutrients that give you a burst of energy and support the health of your hair and skin. They also make for a quick, easy snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. There are endless benefits to eating raisins because of their rich nutritional value.  

Raisins are one of the most commonly eaten traditional dried fruits which are made from dried grapes. This fruity dried fruit is packed with essential nutrition, making raisins best suited for those mindful of their health and well-being.  

Nutritional Values:  1 cup of raisins (165g) is packed with:  * Calories – 508 * Proteins – 3.0g * Fats – 0.5g  * Carbohydrates – 123.1g * Fibre – 11.2g * Calcium – 40.60g * Iron – 3.76mg * Magnesium – 43.50mg * Potassium – 1196.25mg * Vitamin C – 7.83mg 

6 wonderful benefits of eating raisins  

 Good for heart health:  A number of cardiac disorders may be caused by bad cholesterol. Fructans, a kind of dietary fibre, and phytochemicals, which may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, are both abundant in raisins. According to studies, eating raisins may help people with high cholesterol issues decrease their blood lipid (fat) and cholesterol levels.  By including raisins in your diet, you may get adequate fibre and lower your risk of heart disease. However, additional research is required to support the benefits of raisins in preventing cardiac issues. 

Raisins are gut-friendly:   The soluble fibre in raisins helps our digestion and lessens gastrointestinal problems. Tartaric acid is also present in raisins. According to research, this protein may be able to reduce inflammation, enhance intestinal function, and balance the microorganisms in your gut. Some studies also say that it can also lower the risk of colorectal cancer. 

Supports weight loss:  Raisins are naturally delicious and low in calories. They are excellent for satisfying your sweet craving without packing extra calories. They are also high in fibre, so even a modest amount makes you feel full for a long time. Additionally, they support your weight reduction goals by reducing cravings and regulating blood sugar levels. 

Good for healthy skin and hair:       Resveratrol, which is found in raisins, purifies the blood and aids in the removal of hazardous cells from it, claims research. Additionally, the skin cells are shielded from harm, assisting in the reduction of wrinkles and drooping skin. Raisins support healthy hair lustre and guard against hair loss issues, including flakiness, itchy scalp, and dandruff.  

Raisins prevent anaemia:      In the prevention of anaemia, raisins have a strong hand. They are a great source of iron, copper, and vitamins, which are necessary for producing red blood cells and transferring oxygen throughout the body. Iron is the most important element needed for the development of red blood cells. 

Raisins prevent tooth decay:      The oleanolic acid in raisins aids in guarding against tooth decay. Additionally, by eliminating bacteria, they assist in maintaining healthy and clean teeth. Raisins also fight microorganisms that cause cavities. Additionally, because raisins are high in calcium and boron, they aid in both teeth whitening and the prevention of tooth decay. Side-effects of eating raisins  

Consuming raisins may not have any negative effects. However, some studies indicate that young toddlers may have raisin allergies. The allergy to raisins is unusual and rare. 

Following are some symptoms of raisins allergy: * Itching * Nausea and vomiting just after eating raisins However, if any allergic response occurs, you must head straight to the hospital and seek medical attention. 

Best way to eat raisins:      In ancient times, grapes were dried for preservation and transport. Since that time, raisins have been introduced as a dried fruit. Because they taste delicious and don’t need to be refrigerated, raisins are loved and you can easily find them in supermarkets and online stores. 

You may consume them in the following ways – 
 * Breakfast with smoothies and salads  
 * As a wholesome snack 
 * Dessert served after a meal 

 Final thoughts:  A little sweetness is never a bad idea and when it comes with a long list of health benefits.  Raisins pack a punch when it comes to nutritional value, with fibre, vitamins, minerals, energy, and electrolytes being in abundance in them. The wealth of health advantages in them, including better digestion, bone density, skin health, and heart health, make them an absolute must-add to your daily diet. Raisins, which are known to be a healthier alternative to sugary sweets, can be added to your usual yoghurt, cereal, granola, and baked foods to improve their flavour as well as offer a nutritious component. The best course of action is to include these golden dry fruits in your meal if you’re one of the many people seeking strategies to boost your health.  

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